Inside Big Grins

“As a practicing kids’ dentist since 1998, I have learned a few things about what works and what feels right. Some I learned in dental school from a wonderful pediatric dental professor, Dr. Jimmy Pinkham, but mostly I have learned from children and their parents. If you want to be a pediatric dentist in Fort Collins, Colorado, you have to think like a kid! The rest has been shown by my excellent team with patience and a lot of repetition, of course!”


You can learn more about the Big Grins office, team and dedication to families by taking a look at some of the pages below. We invite you to call our practice or browse through our website to learn more about our commitment to providing exceptional pediatric care.



Dr. Greg Evans’ Philosophy

Dr. Evans can boil the Big Grins philosophy of treating children and patient families to a few sentences:


Our practice will:

  • Educate children at an age-appropriate level.
  • Provide an environment of fun and learning that go hand-in-hand toward health.
  • Perform excellent dentistry and stand unflinchingly behind our work.
  • Give you the best service in personable, fair-minded and timely manner.


The old saying goes: “nothing in dentistry is guaranteed.” After all, our patients are individuals, and our fillings cannot approach the perfection of the original teeth. Well, at our practice, you will find some guarantees.


We guarantee that:

  • You will encounter excellent customer service in every area.
  • You will receive lasting value in exchange for our fees.
  • We will maintain our goal of developing a long-term relationship with you based on trust.
  • We will support children as loyal members of the Fort Collins community.


“As many of you know, I, too, am a father, husband, uncle and son. My greatest joys and greatest fears center upon my family. I promise you that when I treat your child, I will treat them as I would my own: with respect, humor and love. And when you come to Big Grins, our team will treat you as we would in our own homes: with kindness, compassion and trust. Let’s have some fun and raise healthy, happy children!”


To learn more about our dental services, contact us today at 970-407-1020 and schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists, Dr. Greg Evans and Dr. Rachel Ecker.