5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Holiday Season

Dec 20, 2023 | Pediatric Dentistry

The holidays are a magical time for children, but they can be a bad time for teeth! Children eat a lot of sweets at this time of year, and that’s not great for your child’s oral hygiene. As your child’s pediatric dentist in Fort Collins, CO, we have some suggestions for ways that you can help your child avoid cavities and dental problems at this time of year.

1. Buy Sugarless When You Can

Whether you’re stocking the candy bowl with treats or stuffing your child’s stocking with candies, this is a time of year when parents give kids a lot of candy! Sugarless candy options are available and can do less damage than sugary candies. Look for sugarless candies in online markets and specialty stores.

2. Monitor Tooth Brushing

At the end of a long day spent with family and friends, it’s easy for tired kids to forget to brush their teeth at bedtime. If your child brushes their own teeth, take time to remind them to do a good job. If you brush your child’s teeth for them, do an extra good job to get rid of the cookies and sweets they’ve been eating.

3. Give Them Crunchy Veggies and Fruit

When you show up at family functions, your kids probably head straight for the cookie tray. If there’s a veggie and fruit tray as well, prepare your child a tray for fruit and veggies first. Crunchy fruits and veggies are good for your child’s teeth because chewing helps stimulate gums and saliva production, which can help keep your child’s teeth clean.

4. Know the Symptoms of a Dental Problem

Watch your child for signs of a dental problem, like a toothache or bad breath that doesn’t go away (even after they’ve brushed). If you notice any dental issues, make an appointment with your child’s dentist.

5. Make a Dental Cleaning Appointment

Once the holidays are over, bring your child for a pediatric dental checkup in Fort Collins, CO. Taking your child to the dentist can help clean up any plaque and tartar from holiday treats. Call your child’s dentist at Big Grins to make their next appointment.