Is a Crown or a Filling Better for a Child?

Nov 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

Has your pediatric dentist in Fort Collins, CO told you your child has a cavity or tooth damage? If so, they might have recommended a filling or a crown. In this case, you will have to decide which one you feel is best for your child.

Let’s talk about that for a moment.

Should Your Child Get a Filling or a Crown?

As you know, your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out, so should you even bother with fixing them? The answer is yes because you don’t want damaged teeth to become infected and make your child sick.

Since baby teeth fall out, most pediatric dentists will recommend just putting in a filling. However, if your child’s baby tooth won’t be falling out for several years, a dental crown might be the better option because it’s a more durable solution.

Now let’s go over the difference between a pediatric filling and a pediatric crown.

  • Pediatric Fillings

Pediatric fillings are used to patch a cavity hole in your child’s tooth after the dentist has removed the decay. Pediatric fillings are usually made of a tooth-colored composite resin that is placed into the hole in your child’s tooth then smoothed over and polished.

  • Pediatric Crowns

Pediatric crowns in Fort Collins, CO are tooth-shaped caps that cover and protect your child’s damaged tooth. The cap fits over the entire tooth, so it’s more durable and offers more protection than a filling. Pediatric crowns are made of either tooth-colored porcelain or stainless steel. Your dentist will generally recommend a pediatric crown if your child has several years until their permanent teeth come in or if your child’s tooth has significant damage and will need extensive repairs, such as a broken tooth or multiple fillings.

Should You Have Your Child’s Tooth Pulled or Have a Crown Put On?

If your child’s tooth has so much damage that it can no longer be repaired, your pediatric dentist will probably recommend pulling it. However, if the damage is minimal, you might want to go ahead and have it filled if it’s a cavity or have a crown put on if the situation warrants it. This will avoid the need for an extraction.

Do You Need a Pediatric Dentist in Fort Collins, CO?

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