Dental restoration under general anesthesia is a serious undertaking. If your child needs this service, Dr. Greg Evans or Dr. Rachel Ecker can guide you through the process with sensitivity and follow-up care. With hundreds of cases to draw from, he is the most experienced dentist practicing hospital dentistry in Northern Colorado. He is well versed and well connected to work with your child’s physician in providing combination, under-anesthesia services a child might need, ranging from ear tubes to impacted toenail removal. Our pediatric dentists and team have privileges at Harmony Surgery Center on Harmony Road in Fort Collins.

We offer hospital dentistry in Fort Collins, Colorado, for children who need to undergo long and extensive procedures. We understand that you want what is best for your child, and we will suggest the use of general anesthesia if we think that it is the most appropriate method by which we can complete dental work and give your child a calm and relaxing experience.

General anesthesia makes your child sleep during a dental treatment, and it also has the added benefits of preventing pain and relaxing muscles, giving the patient a more comfortable experience. A trained anesthesiologist will monitor the patient closely and provide safe dosages. By using general anesthesia in a hospital setting, we can complete long, complex dental treatments with ease. Call Big Grins at 970-407-1020 today if you would like to learn more about hospital dentistry.