Hospital Pediatric Dentistry Services in Northern Colorado

Our Pediatric Dentists are trained in all aspects of child oral health, including privileges at the hospital. Hospital dentistry is a treatment of last resort for children who require extensive dental procedures under general anesthesia. While most kids can be treated in-office, hospital dentistry is beneficial for very young children or those with multiple treatment needs.
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Pediatric Dentists Trained in Hospital Dentistry

Our Pediatric Dentists are trained in all aspects of child oral health, including privileges at the Hospital. This not only elevates the level of care we offer but sets us apart as specialists in handling complex dental needs with ease and precision. Currently, Dr. Rachel and Dr. Greg have block time reserved at Harmony Surgery Center and Poudre Valley Hospital to treat special needs children, special needs adults, and young children in need of hospital dentistry.

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Pediatric Dentistry Second Opinions and Referral Care

When your child receives a dental diagnosis that impacts them significantly, seeking a second opinion can provide reassurance and ensure the best care possible. At Big Grins, we offer second opinions and referral care services to help children receive accurate diagnoses and quality treatment tailored to their needs.

Big Grins Education Corner (FAQs):

When Is Hospital Dentistry Needed?

Hospital dentistry is for kids who need long and extensive dental procedures that require general anesthesia. The anesthesia will enable the dentist to perform the necessary treatment while your child is sleeping. It will also help with pain management and muscle relaxation, making your child more comfortable.

Hospital dentistry is also sometimes used with kids who have behavioral issues when presented in a normal dental office setting.

How Can I Help Keep My Child from Fearing the Hospital Dental Procedure?

A hospital is a scary place for kids and adults. You should be prepared to be at the hospital with your child prior to their dental procedure. Your presence will help keep them calm, reduce their anxiety, and make them feel safe and secure.

You should also bring a comfort item with them to the surgery. A stuffed animal, security blanket, or anything else that generally helps keep your child calm. Additionally, you should hold your child’s hand and gently talk to them as he or she is being put under anesthesia.

Prior to the general anesthesia, your child might be given a mild sedative to make them feel more relaxed. The anesthesiologist will go over this with you prior to the procedure after they have reviewed your child’s temperament and medical history. The sedative won’t be given if the dentist and anesthesiologist don’t feel it’s necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion?

Although there are times that patients accept what their dentist recommends without question, there are many benefits of getting a second opinion.

  • Prevent a mistaken diagnosis
  • Find a simpler solution to the potential problem
  • Avoid spending money on a treatment that is not needed
  • Avoid putting your child through a procedure that could cause them anxiety

Getting a second opinion can also help you find a dental professional that you trust and like! At Big Grins, we help children get a second opinion for their dental conditions, and sometimes they choose to transfer their care to us.