Dear Santa

Dec 3, 2021 | Articles

Dear Santa,

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I know I’m a little ” long in the tooth” to be writing you, and my behavior is certainly up for debate, but I thought I would put in a word regarding my patients. I know you are busy, so bottom line, please no scooters! We had another kiddo in November fall from a wheeled demon device and actually break her jaw! If an evil mad scientist were to devise a toy to break a kid’s teeth, cause a bloody nose and stitches on the chin, it would involve wheels, and a hard bar at about chest level. See what I mean?

Trampolines are also a dental menace. And when you put a scooter on a Trampoline, it’s really bad.

Thank you again for the electric toothbrush I got last year. I love that it has a timer to keep me brushing. I wish there were an electric flosser, but the regular old stuff is so fast that how can you improve that?

Besides that, how are you? I haven’t seen you in a while. Thanks, by the way for your generous spirit and inclusive love for kids; you are my hero and role model in that regard. How’s that flossing going? I know this is your busy time but take time for yourself man; we are counting on you.

We’ve got the office decorated and have a toy drop-off for the Santa Cops of Larimer County. We found a needy family the ladies are helping out, and they all have their secret Santa gifts ready to go. Yep, you are quite a trendsetter, and I hope you always will be. Love you, Buddy! From one old guy to another, keep up the good works!

Dr. Greg and the Big Grins team