Cancellation Notice Update

Nov 4, 2021 | Articles

Cancellation Notice Update

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Oh my goodness, we are sliding into the holiday season!  At this time of year, it gets busy at Big Grins with coordination with school activities, end-of-year benefits and the extra time of coats and travel issues! As ever, we are so grateful for you choosing us to help you raise those kiddos!

We are lately finding that, with everyone’s busy schedules, a 24-hour cancellation notice is no longer enough time to schedule another family into a missed appointment.  We have decided to extend our cancellation notice to 48 hours to give us more time to accommodate your needs.  That makes more sense now too since our text and calling will automatically alert you three weeks out from your appointment, one week out, and now 72 hours out.  With a simple click, you can confirm or call in to find a better time for your family. This cancellation notice update will take effect on Monday, Nov 16, 2021.

And just a friendly reminder that we like to have fun at Big Grins but our mission is serious, teaching your kids to take care of themselves and their mouths. We still think of ourselves as teachers, so missing school for a 40-minute appointment may be an excellent use of your child’s time.  Since about a third of our kids visit us in the summer months, that really only means one or two appointments per school year for the development of important life time habits.  Uh, oh, preaching to the choir!  Should I add that young kids do MUCH better in the morning?

As a reminder, our no-show or late cancellation fee is $35 with a family cap of $50, just like my gym helps to incentivize me.  So call us just as soon as you can, and we will help you get in at a good time and keep your family on a healthy schedule.  As always, If I can answer questions on this or any other kids’ dental topic my email is and my cell phone is 970-481-6728. Happy Holidays!


Dr. Greg