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Are Dental Sealants Safe?

Dental sealants are commonly given to children by their pediatric dentist in Fort Collins, CO, but do you know much about dental sealants? Are they right for your child? Knowing the answers to a few basic questions about how dental sealants work and what they can do to protect your child’s teeth can help you decide if you’d like to have dental sealants put on your child’s molars.

What Are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a thin coating that covers the tooth like a thin coat of nail polish. When the sealant is applied, it protects the tooth from bacteria. A properly applied dental sealant can help protect tooth enamel from tooth decay for many years. This is why dental sealant is often applied on children, although it can be applied to adult teeth as well.

Are Dental Sealants Safe?

There is a chemical in dental sealant called bisphenol, which is a type of BPA found in plastics. This ingredient has been found not to have any adverse side effects in patients with dental sealants. Although it is possible for a patient to have an adverse side effect from exposure to a dental sealant, this side effect usually comes from an allergy to the sealant.

Are Dental Sealants a Good Option for My Child?

Children are particularly prone to dental decay, for a variety of reasons. They often eat sugary foods and don’t necessarily clean their teeth as well as they should. Some children don’t clean their teeth often enough, while others struggle to brush their teeth properly. The use of a dental sealant can help protect young teeth and prevent cavities that can be uncomfortable for your child.

For this reason, dental sealants are a good product for most children. Many of the patients at Big Grins have dental sealants.

If you have concerns about whether dental sealants are healthy, bring your questions to your child’s dentist. If you want to know more about dental sealants in Fort Collins, CO, Big Grins to ask your questions over the phone, or get answers to your questions during an appointment.

Should I Consider Sealants for My Child?

As a parent, you want to protect your child from cavities and other dental problems, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when their teeth are being brushed properly. Is there something else you can do to protect your child’s teeth from dental decay?

The answer is yes, there is! As your pediatric dentist in Fort Collins CO, Big Grins can help by applying dental sealants to your child’s teeth. Here’s what you need to know about this important service.

What Is a Dental Sealant?

A dental sealant is a protective coating made from dental material (sometimes plastic) that sticks to the back of the teeth. Sealants protect the tooth enamel by forming a coating, like a shield, against bacteria. Sealants have been shown to substantially reduce the risk of dental decay by 80%, which can mean the difference between a cavity or a healthy tooth.

Do You Still Have to Brush Your Teeth If You Have Sealants?

While sealants do provide protection against dental decay, it’s still important to brush your teeth, even if you have sealants.

What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

Sealants prevent dental decay and can protect against cavities. For children who are new at tooth brushing and prone to eating a lot of candy, dental sealants provide a critical extra layer of protection.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Sealants can last for several years. Your dentist will check your sealants at each dental appoint to determine whether your sealants are still in good condition. If your dentist believes that your sealants need to be reinforced, he or she will let you know.

Are Dental Sealants Safe?

Sealants have been determined to be safe for children and adults. While some sealants are made from plastic, many believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. If you have concerns about dental sealants for your child, talk to your child’s dentist. Your dental professional can give you information about the safety of dental sealants.

Want Dental Sealants for Your Child? Call Big Grins Today

Many children have benefited from dental sealants, and your child can benefit too. For more information about getting dental sealants in Fort Collins, CO, call Big Grins today. Make an appointment to see our pediatric dentist.