Eat the Rainbow Every Day

Jun 11, 2024 | Dental Health

Take the challenge with your family this summer!


Trying to eat more fruits and vegetables? Summer time is a great time to introduce or reintroduce fresh produce to your kids. When items are in season they are at peak freshness and are the most delicious, most likely to be favored by those picky eaters!

I recommend you choose a time to discuss what colors they’ve eaten or plan on eating each day. For example, at breakfast they can choose which colors they want to check off the list— red raspberries and blue/purple blueberries, or orange oranges and yellow bananas. Then let them choose what colors they want next for lunch, maybe green spinach, red tomatoes, or yellow peppers. At dinner you can recap which colors they eat the most and the least. After a few weeks I recommend you take them to the store so they can participate in choosing those ‘tough to eat’ colors.

Try challenging your kids to eat the rainbow everyday this summer…you might be able to stop giving them expensive gummy vitamins! Save some money, eat more whole foods, and decrease their risk of getting cavities! Win-win!