How to Shop for Your Child’s Toothbrush

Helping your child maintain clean, healthy teeth is important. One of the tools that you’ll need to keep your child’s teeth clean is a good toothbrush. The toothbrush you choose for your child will have an impact on how effective your child’s teeth-cleaning routine is and how healthy your child’s teeth are.

Your child’s dentist in Fort Collins, CO, can help you find a good toothbrush and may make some recommendations when you come in for a dental cleaning, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

Soft Bristle Brush

It’s tempting to choose a toothbrush with hard bristles to get those pearly whites extra clean, but your child only needs a soft bristle toothbrush to get the job done. Most toothbrushes naturally have soft bristles, but check the label to ensure that you’re buying the right thing.

Easy to Grip Handle

If your child is brushing their teeth on their own, it’s especially important to choose a toothbrush with a handle they can easily grip. Younger children may need a toothbrush with an extra thick handle and rubber grippers to keep their toothbrush in place. If you’re brushing your child’s teeth for them, this needs to be a handle that you are comfortable using yourself.

Head that Fits

Kids have small mouths, so they need kid-sized toothbrushes with a small head that’s easy to move inside the mouth. It’s natural to assume a bigger head is better for getting many teeth clean at once, but the bigger the head, the more cumbersome it can be inside the mouth.

A Toothbrush Your Child Likes

It’s important to choose a toothbrush your child likes to use and is excited to see in the bathroom. Some child-sized toothbrushes come with cartoon characters on them to help motivate children to brush their teeth.

One of the best ways to ensure that your child will enjoy brushing their teeth is to let them pick the toothbrush they want to use. Give your child a vote when you go to the store. They may want a toothbrush of a specific brand or color.

Ask Questions At the Next Dentist Appointment

Have questions about picking a toothbrush for your child? Talk to your dentist at Big Grins the next time you bring your child to the dentist for a tooth cleaning in Fort Collins, CO. Call today to make an appointment.

Ways to Help Your Child When They Have a Toothache

A toothache can be a scary experience for a child. No doubt you want to relieve your child’s pain if you can. Knowing what to do when your child has a toothache can help you take care of your child and their oral health.

As your child’s dentist in Fort Collins, CO, we’re happy to help you find the solution to your child’s painful problem. If your child has a toothache, bring them to the dentist as soon as possible for an exam and cavity filling. Below are some things you can do to help your child before their appointment.

Bite Down on Clove Oil

Clove oil is an antibacterial product that has been known to act as a pain reliever for toothaches. Unfortunately, clove oil can have side effects if eaten. It’s not considered a product that your child should eat.

To use clove oil for your child’s toothache, mix the clove oil with an oil that’s considered food-safe. Next, dip a cotton swab into the mixture, then give the swab to your child. Have your child bite down on the swab. Tell your child not to swallow the oil; they should spit it out when they’re done. If your child isn’t old enough to spit the oil out, then this is not a good option for them.

Swish With Warm Saltwater Rinse

Saltwater can help relieve a toothache while also reducing the swelling in your child’s mouth. Make a warm saltwater rinse by mixing a teaspoon of table salt into a cup of warm water.

Tell your child to swish the water around in their mouth and then spit it out. Your child can do this many times, but instruct them not to swallow the water. Like clove oil, this is only appropriate if your child is old enough to swish and spit instead of swallowing the water.

Hold A Cold Compress

Wrap a bag of ice in a towel and have your child hold the bag to their cheek, on the side where they’re experiencing the pain. Have them hold the compress there for about 20 minutes at a time, or less if they become uncomfortable.

Visit the Dentist

A toothache is a dental emergency in Fort Collins, CO. At Big Grins, we can help. If your child’s tooth hurts, call today to make an emergency appointment.

Baby’s First Trip to the Dentist: What to Expect

You should schedule your infant’s first dental visit soon after their first birthday or after the eruption of their first tooth, whichever comes first. It’s important to begin caring for your baby’s teeth right away because it helps establish good oral hygiene habits and strong teeth and gums. Your pediatric dentist in Fort Collins, CO, will be happy to guide you through your child’s first dental appointment and what to expect.

An Infant Dental Visit May Last Up to 45 Minutes

This first visit is used to help familiarize your child with the dentist, but it also helps give the dentist insight into your baby’s dental health. At this time, they’ll perform a routine infant dental exam, which usually means looking at their teeth, gums, and oral tissue. They may examine your baby’s bite and check for issues such as tongue-tie or lip-tie. They’ll take a complete medical history and may ask about any genetic dental conditions that run in your family.

The Pediatric Dentist Probably Won’t Take X-Rays

At this initial dental visit, X-rays usually aren’t required. However, if your dentist finds a problem that could cause future orthodontic issues, they may decide to take an X-ray. Fortunately, dental X-rays for children are much safer than they used to be. They use a minute, harmless dose of radiation, and your child will wear a protective apron during the procedure.

Your Child’s Dentist Will Talk to You, Too

Your first trip to the pediatric dentist will be educational for you, too. Dentists take this opportunity to educate first-time parents on topics such as cleaning infant gums, putting babies to bed with a bottle, and how long to use a pacifier. These can all impact a child’s oral health and the appearance of their smile as they age. For this reason, your child’s dentist will want to make sure you understand the best way to care for your baby’s teeth and gums until they’re old enough to begin brushing and flossing themselves.

If you’re in need of pediatric dentistry in Fort Collins, CO, we invite you to call Big Grins today. At Big Grins, we specialize in setting families at ease. Call today to schedule your baby’s first dental visit with our friendly and experienced team member.