On behalf of our team, we warmly welcome you. Whether you chose us from a recommendation, referral or advertisement, we want you to feel comfortable and know this is the best place for your child! For this reason, our pediatric dentists in Fort Collins, Colorado, and our team provide some of the following resources:

At Big Grins, we see ourselves as teachers first and dental clinicians second. We use a classroom model that has stood the test of time in educating and befriending children. This model pairs your child with other children who have been here before to give them role models and behavior cues. This first visit sets precedent for your child to be successful in future healthcare settings.

Dr. Greg Evans and Dr. Rachel Ecker believe parents are essential partners to this long-term success. We will also take the time to educate you and involve you in your child’s care. With a partnership based on knowledge and trust, you will be able to make informed decisions about your child’s oral health.

We have a unique and positive experience waiting for you! We cannot wait to get started down the path to a long-term relationship and a lifetime of oral health with you, side by side. To schedule an appointment with us, contact 970-407-1020 today and ask for a meeting!