July Big Grins News Update – By Dr. Greg

Aug 9, 2021 | Articles

July Big Grins News Update – By Dr. Greg

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What a great month!  For whatever reason, as I look back on my clinic time in July, I had a great time!  We saw many new faces and got to catch up with summer plans with a great bunch of teenagers.  Like I told a dad yesterday, what a rewarding job that I can treat 18-year-olds and three-year-olds in the same hour.  It’s a real privilege watching your kids grow!

We welcomed Monica, our new assistant of four years’ experience and a competitive softball player.  We celebrated Darbi, our new office manager for making it past the first 30 days!  She had big shoes to fill with Kristin leaving for nursing, and a steep learning curve to boot!  We also began the paperwork for Dr. Rachel to buy in to the practice and become a part-owner.  I can’t tell you how nice it has been to seek her counsel almost daily, enjoy her dry humor, and be able to relax and trust her with your care!

My plan to make our system work for our patients, and make Rachel and I interchangeable, has really come to fruition.  We keep calibrating ourselves, but Rachel is slow to treat like I am, and she has embraced the philosophy of enlisting patient families to decide on care options.  We are still getting a handful of special requests, but by and large, families are trusting us to blend treatment plans and care.  With me taking my kids to college, visiting my alma mater Grinnell College, and starting another dental assisting teaching stint in September, I will rely on both Dr. Rachel and you to do treatment in a timely fashion.  I think you will find those special requests for one doctor or another may be hard to accommodate and actually unnecessary!

For the rest of the summer, watch those baseball bats, scooters, and wear goggles in the pool!  Let’s get your kids and their front teeth through the summer with great memories!  If not, we are just a call away.  We love helping you raise healthy, happy children, so don’t hesitate to reach out at greg@gobiggrins.com or for those bat-to-the-face moments, my cell is 970-481-6728.