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It is true what our mother’s told us. Teeth are for chewing food and that’s it. They are not scissors, an extra set of hands, or built-in nutcrackers.

We often see children in our office for dental emergencies that put things in their mouth that they shouldn’t.

When we use our teeth to…

  • Tear tape
  • Open bottles
  • Take tags off clothes
  • Open packages
  • To carry something in from the car
  • Etc… etc…

…our teeth are biting things that are harder than the food they are meant to chew. This stress can cause them to chip, crack or fracture. This means a visit to come see your favorite Fort Collins pediatric dentist, Dr. Greg! So as parents, we can remind our children of this and avoid potentially painful and expensive consequences. But we CAN encourage lots of smiling and, of course, daily flossing!

To make an appointment with Dr. Greg Evans and our wonderful team, please give Big Grins a call at 970-407-1020. Our office here in Fort Collins, Texas, will help your child get the care they need. We’re happy to help you raise happy, healthy children!