Our free-of-charge infant dental care checkups in Fort Collins, Colorado, are designed to give a child a dental home by the age of 12 to 18 months and provide anticipatory guidance to parents. Infant oral health visits in our office provide you with a complimentary exam at a critical time in a child’s life, when diet, habits, oral hygiene and forming smiles are all occurring. We want to help you raise cavity-free children! Dr. Greg Evans is a founder of the Cleft Lip and Palate Team at Poudre Valley Hospital, and he is also a “Cavity-Free at Three” technical assistance provider for Colorado’s infant oral health initiative. He knows babies!

Your child’s primary teeth (also known as baby teeth) will start to appear in their mouth when they are about 4 to 7 months old. This process is called teething, and if it makes your child feel uncomfortable, then you can soothe them by rubbing their gums with a cool spoon or giving them a teething ring. We recommend having your child visit our pediatric dentists by their first birthday so we can make sure their new smile is growing correctly.

During your infant’s first checkup at Big Grins, we will discuss changes to expect in the future and dental problems to avoid. Though their primary teeth will fall out eventually, they are very important for your child’s future dental health. This means that you need to take the steps necessary to ensure that your child’s baby teeth stay in good condition. Besides oral hygiene, regular dental checkups are essential to the health of your baby’s smile. Call our office at 970-407-1020 today if you want to learn more about early infant oral care and schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists, Dr. Greg Evans and Dr. Rachel Ecker!