Practice Update

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We are now working SEVEN days a week!

As we enter our fourth month with Dr. Rachel at Big Grins, I thought I would give you an update on how Big Grins is doing. In a word: COMFORTABLE! (And I mean that in the kindest possible way.)

Comfortable in that we are into a COVID preparation and prevention routine that is starting to feel normal. We continue to reschedule sick or potentially sick kids, but no longer get push back from wearing masks or asking about travel. We are effectively using our large space, barriers, and multiple rooms to social distance without prolonging appointment times. And we aren’t talking much anymore about fogged glasses or sore ears!

Comfortable with our new mode of talking to parents in the parking lot, on the shady side car, etc. We have printed more X-rays and had more phone follow-ups than ever before, so we appreciate your patience and your trust in us to do good dentistry!

Comfortable with our new team! Dr. Rachel has been truly amazing in her ability to adapt to a new clinic and get into her comfort zone to perform good dentistry. That is not something just anyone can do, so it speaks to her talents and the close communication Rachel and Greg have established. Also, kudos to Cheyenne and Gabby in finishing their training and internships in the midst of a pandemic, then work up to our high standards of dental assisting. Big Grins is proud to say that each of our six dental assistants is a graduate of Front Range Community College Dental Assistant Program, and between them they have over 43 years of pediatric dentistry experience!

So, how about those seven days? Greg works four and Rachel works three, with a double doctor day on Wednesdays, and Rachel goes to the hospital on Fridays. In all that is 44 more appointment times per week than last year, more availability for sedations, and more flexibility for our families with special needs. We still believe that the value of a dental appointment is just as important as forty-five minutes of school, so we ask that parents help us with scheduling appointments. But we are doing our best by opening for longer hours on Wednesdays and Fridays to accommodate you as much as we can and still have an office that honors the time of our employees.

To that end, we salute Leah, Kristin, Iris, Jill, and Rachel for their extra part time job of home school educators. Believe me when I say, we can’t wait for a viable vaccine! But in the meantime, we move ahead. Let us know what we can do to help your family raise healthy and happy children. Tell your kiddos their next dental visit is a field trip!

Greg Evans