Our X-Ray Machines Are Certified as Low Dose Compliant!

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Exciting News! We believe in the partnership with our parents in helping you raise happy and healthy children. We have always prided ourselves on how little radiation we expose your child to.

This is extremely important to our office. In fact, we recently had our x-ray machines verified and extensively tested to assure we are using the lowest dose possible. Our x-ray machines have been certified now as Low Dose Compliant by a medical physicist. We are proud to offer this service as a commitment to you.

A good comparison for radiation is simply being on Earth, we are exposed to 1 millirem of radiation per day. On a round-trip flight to Hawaii, you are exposed for 4 millirems. All of these are safe amounts of radiation. The maximum occupational dose is 5000 millirems. Our dental x-rays are only 0.2 millirems.

Our dental x-rays are an important part of comprehensive dental care, which will detect cavities between the teeth, and especially for monitoring growth and development in growing kids. These dental x-rays are very different to whole body radiation, as this is a localized area with very little exposure. We are confident in saying that our x-rays are an excellent way for us to be able to provide safe, comprehensive, and world class dentistry to your children!