Missing School for Dental Appointments

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As a working mother of two school-aged children, I juggle busy work schedules, school schedules, after school enrichment schedules, and sporting event schedules just to name a few of the things that fill up our monthly calendar. When my children have dental appointments, I understand that it is difficult to go pick up your child, get to their appointment, (while hoping the Fort Collins traffic fairies have mercy on you) and get them back to school, and then yourself back to your daily schedule of work or other appointments. Just like you, the juggling is real!

At Big Grins we try to make scheduling easy for you. As a courtesy, we schedule an appointment for you 6 months out to “hold you a spot” on our schedule, so that you don’t have to call to schedule another appointment. I know how fast 6 months goes, and I’m as guilty as every one of remembering to schedule my own dentist appointment.

We understand it is often easier to schedule your child in their after school hours to limit their time away from school, and also for your convenience of being able to go home after their appointment instead of back to work or wherever you may be headed. Our afternoon appointments fill up quickly, and when people want to reschedule these “prime time” appointments to another day, it gets a little tricky. I thought I would take this time to provide some perspective and rationale of our scheduling guidelines.

We believe what we do here is important. We take great pride in encouraging your child to be a good patient and instill good oral hygiene habits early. Research supports that children with good oral hygiene instruction, and comprehensive dental care, miss less school due to dental problems, and have better adult oral health. We schedule the way we do here based on research and what works. For hygiene/cleaning appointments, we schedule 40 minutes to devote to your child. During these 40 minutes, we pack in a lot of education and fun. We believe that what we are teaching your child about their health is an important compliment to what they are learning at school.

For any treatment that you may need to be done, or for young children, Dr. Greg has found through his 17 years of experience that these kiddos do better in the morning when they are fresh and rested. Our scheduling guidelines allow us to provide that one-on-one attention to your child.

Lastly, most of our children are school age, so we try to accommodate this in different ways. We try to flip flop these appointments, so if you have a morning appointment for one, we try to get you an afternoon appointment for the next one. So logistically, if you could bring your child in for one visit per year during the school year, and have the other during non-school months, that would be asking for one time per year that your child would miss school. And you know us, we won’t disappoint!

So thank you for understanding why we do what we do, and for letting us help you raise happy healthy kiddos!

For more information, here is an additional reference from Colgate.