Merry Christmas 2017

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Wow, what a crazy year. My parents were right (again!), the years do get shorter the older you get. And your kids, growing up fast! I had more than a few young men and women graduate from the practice this year that were with me from way back. What a privilege it is to watch them grow and mature. I also had my third “grandpa” child join our practice; that’s when their mothers went to me as a child! Ouch!

That being said, this has also been the most fun I have had in dentistry! We had so much fun with new bad jokes, funny videos, kids’ art and just relaxing a bit. I think I have finally figured out that everyone gets older and everyone gets better, we are all at different speeds is all. I also am proud to say it’s official: I have the best staff on the planet. Seriously, I read all those very nice reviews and you would think this staff is rock stars. Our office manager emphasizes caring for people and lets the staff take it from there.

Technically, we are getting good at placing the new all-ceramic crowns and phasing out the mixed metal/ plastic ones. We studied the new medication Kovanaze and will be sticking with our old tried and true after giving it a good look. Our software and financial services are getting more streamlined. And, no one ever sees this, but our cybersecurity and file protection is now state of the art. Keeping up with the times ain’t what it used to be! Did I mention a new Xbox One with Minecraft and a PS4 with Star Wars! Yeah!

Finishing up my turn as Chair for Project Smile this year put me in touch with all the wonderful volunteers that go into making free dental care for our needy kids so easy. We had several of those kids come through our office as well; makes you feel all that more blessed we live in a great place like Fort Collins! That being said, Big Grins has been active in campaigning for CHIP+ which will lose its funding at the end of January if Washington misses its opportunity to fund it. Advocacy for each other keeps that blood pumping!

On behalf of Kristin, Stacey, Iris, Jenna, Brenda, Jill, Sara, Carrie, Lauren, Rebbie, and Leah, I want to wish you happy holiday times this break! We also hope for your continued growth and happiness in the coming year. It may be a little hard to write “2018,” but we love what we do and want to help you raise healthy children going forward.


Greg Evans