January News

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Happy New Year!  As the kids start back to a school routine of sorts, Big Grins is ready and waiting to reach your kids in a warm and positive environment!  We have expanded hours to Fridays, increased capacity for specialty appointments, and have upped our technology to better serve you.

First and foremost:  We are very COVID safe for your family!  We continue to use technology with text reminders and Covid-19 forms to get our mandated screenings done efficiently, and they are working.  We have worked with families to reschedule dozens of appointments for Covid-19 exposures or other illnesses this winter. This flexibility makes it easy to report possible threats and easy to schedule a safer time.  Thank you to everyone for caring so much!

We continue to use social distancing, sanitation protocols and strict guidelines to work on teeth.  A new study out showed dental offices following protocols to have 100% non-contagion spread, and a study I reported on earlier showed dental offices have had less than a 1% closure due to Covid-19 exposures.  We are still on the ball!  Also, our new building ionizer was installed before Christmas. Using the same technology for air purification they now use on planes, our ionizer collects and kills all aerosol particles every 30 minutes – one more nail in the coffin for this pandemic.

Most of you have met Dr. Rachel by now, we celebrated her first 6 months in early December!  I more than anyone have enjoyed her expertise and calm manner, as well as her brilliant mind and dry humor! She and I continue to run the clinic five days a week, giving more time for appointments and more emergency times.  We had several falls, toothaches and two root canal starts over the holiday break.  The most bizarre one was a kid that hid under his bed to scare Dad, only to have Dad accidentally kick the kid’s mouth and cut his gum with Dad’s big toe!  We have also been able to easily handle some family issues without rescheduling patients.  Dr. Rachel became an aunt again to Oliver, who she got to go and snuggle for a few days!

In staff news, Rebbie and Leah have attained their Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certificates, the terminal degree for them in their profession.  Cheyenne and Gabby plan to return to school for prerequisites for Hygiene and Dental school.  We are working with them now on schedules but be assured your kiddos are surrounded by pretty smart people and good role models to boost.  Kristin, our office manager, also a former managerial level nurse in Oncology, has looked into volunteering time at our local hospitals to help out with the COVID-19 surge.  Please donate rechargeable batteries, she just keeps going!

And to you and yours, we at Big Grins hope you are looking to the new year with hope and a fresh perspective.  No, we don’t mind chatting with you in the parking lot, but we can’t wait for the year to bring back our playroom and chairside chats!  Take care of yourself, and don’t hesitate to call or write if you need something.  And thank you for telling your friends about us, it’s easy to become a new patient for kids of any age!  I love helping you raise healthy, happy children!  I can be reached at Greg – 970-481-6728 or greg@gobiggrins.com.