Infection Control Blog 4/2020

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Hello Friends and Patient Families! Hope you are all safe and finding the silver linings to staying out of the public. We at Big Grins Pediatric Dentistry are doing the same. Like Tom Petty says, “The waiting is the hardest part.” When we DO get back to the clinic, we will be ready!

A lot of you have called to clarify, so the update is we are still playing it day by day. As of this writing on this auspicious dental holiday, April the Tooth, we are planning to re-open on April 14. I have no faith we will actually do so. More likely is May 1st, also a holiday. We have a little challenge ahead of us in terms of trying to get our postponed appointments rescheduled and giving time to each of our patients. We are working on various scheduling strategies to work Saturdays or longer hours or more days to meet your needs. As always, our hours of operation follow school hours, so we appreciate your patience and prioritizing dental health as important enough to miss an hour of school.

We are also rethinking our infection control strategies. We want kids to be kids, but we also have appointed Kristin, our new Infection Prevention Coordinator, to implement cleaning practices, patient screenings, and clinic behaviors (such as the all-important toy selection) that support the science behind disinfection in public areas. We have always used the personal protection equipment (PPE) necessary for dentistry and cross-contamination control, but we will be more vigilant in instructing kids in the clinic to help us. I sincerely hope we don’t have to shut our waiting room and play areas down like we did in March, but that method worked well and was well tolerated by the families that visited us.

Bottom line, Big Grins is doing what we can right now, donations to the food bank and hospitals, seeing emergencies (only four so far, that’s great!), and staying put. And, when we resume operations to help you raise healthy children, we will be glad to see you! Watch Facebook for other posts, we have some art lessons for kids coming your way, and you can download our coloring book for something to do at home school. Brushing and flossing instruction at home counts too! Take care of yourselves. Dr. Greg