Get Rid of Those Screens! It’s Time to Learn About Dentistry!

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May 2018. Happy Best Month to go to the Dentist! Are you looking for great attention and choice of appointment times? May is a great month to receive dental care since a lot of families postpone their care until the summer when the kids are sweaty and want to be playing or sleeping in. If you think about it, getting ready for school is a lot like getting ready for the dentist, especially if the dentist has something to teach your child. Just some food for thought!

I had a dad of a three-year-old boy request headphones for his child during his appointment to get two teeth filled. That gave me pause. While distraction is a time-honored method of turning a child’s attention away from a potentially tense situation, we don’t use headphones and we don’t use movies/ videos. I feel strongly that Big Grins is a place where we are teaching children about all aspects of dentistry.

What we hope for is that we can be entertaining enough, move fast enough, and have enough experience to engage a child so they can learn. Some kids do well with a screen in front of them (or me), but do they really advance on their journey towards independent care and trust in their health professional? I see kids for about 10-13 years on average, and every year we add a little more on their to-do lists or oral health care and try to build them up to be confident in their own care and decision making.

I know that doesn’t have any dental terms in it, but I will take the long-term gains over the short term solutions every time. That three-year-old? We were able to use Nitrous Oxide and no shots to restore his two front teeth. He left happy and his dad left relieved. As a disclaimer, I noticed he forgot his monster truck toy next to the motorcycle play station in the waiting room, you know, the one with the video screen.

Yours, Greg


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