Fall 2020

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Fall! The crispness of the mornings, the glowing yellow leaves, the smell of fall candles burning in the house, and the start of hoodie season.

While we continue to manage the “2020-ness” of the season we are in, I am thankful for the change in seasons for something to look forward to.

Juggling work and childcare, managing virtual learning, fires, elections, murder hornets… just to name a few of 2020’s challenges. In these weird times, I cling to two words: ADAPTABILITY and RESILIENCY.

I believe that the people who adapt instead of complain set themselves up for success. To be adaptable ultimately just makes my life easier. While sometimes the wearing of masks, all the “new and annoying” safety policies of restaurants and medical offices can be water cooler chit-chat conversations, I choose to be adaptable to these changes. I have a choice to be adaptable. We have all heard the term “new normal.” I still question, research, and rationalize my decisions, while I try to keep the mindset of moving forward. Failure to adapt makes for stagnant and grumpy humans. I love the definition of adaptability: “the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.” I think it’s a great quality to have and to demonstrate.

In the office, we have tried to adapt our environment and still focus on your kiddos experience within the new parameters set by our health officials. We are still the same welcoming, family-friendly place that has a lot of fun! We adapted early to the guidelines and continue to tweak our processes making safety and relationships most important. Our adaptability has made our recovery from COVID shutdown successful.

Wikipedia defines psychological resilience as the “the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to a pre-crisis status quickly.” While I must acknowledge the stressors of this year have been greater than possibly any other year in life and career, I do not want the negativity to weigh more than the positive aspects of 2020. Yes! There have positive aspects of this crazy year. I have learned the ability of teamwork to overcome a daunting task of reopening a dental office during a pandemic is powerful.

The teammates that are at Big Grins care deeply and have helped root firmly that we can overcome a lot if we work hard for it. They have been subjected to a lot of unknowns, everchanging guidelines, layers of layers of HOT PPE, and working in a place that looks much different than pre-COVID. They have worked hard, so hard. I cannot begin to thank my amazing team for all their hard work and the admiration of what we accomplished together. The impact of effective leadership from Dr. Greg, creating a road map of the hurdles, and then approaching each challenge as an opportunity to work towards what we love: seeing your kiddos!

I also encourage people to find a little sunshine in every day.

    1. Send a note to a friend.
    2. FaceTime a family member.
    3. Make cookies for your neighbor.

These bright spots in the day help us be a little less isolated. In a world where we are socially distanced, we need more than ever to be present and feeding into relationships in our circles! Make sure you are feeding your brain and body good things. I watch less news, send note cards, and funny memes to friends, walk Sugar the comfort dog, and read a daily book on mindfulness.

Big Grins has been adaptable and resilient, thanks to our people. My fight song will remain the same for the remainder of 2020 and beyond; to lead with adaptability and resiliency!