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I have a hard time believing it is October! Summer flew by, and bam-Halloween decorations! I know my kiddos are most excited about which neighbors give out the best candy, which sibling gets their bucket the most full of candy, and the trading rules of good candy that need a lawyer to negotiate all the rules. I love raiding their buckets and collecting what I call the “Mom tax.” Did you know 90% of parents admit to dipping into their children’s stash? Glad I’m not alone. Parents admit that their favorite of these treats to sneak are snack-size chocolate bars (70% sneak these), candy-coated chocolate pieces (40%), caramels (27%), and gum (26%).

Halloween brings back so many fun memories as a kid! Now as an adult, I have a much better appreciation for my mother’s rules about Halloween candy consumption. As I work in a dental office, we see some of the Halloween aftermaths of the sugar overload.

Did you know:

-The average American eats 24 pounds of candy per year, and for children, the largest amount is on or following Halloween.
-The average American family spends $44 on Halloween candy each year.
-Candy corn was invented in 1880 by a man named George Renninger who was an employee at a candy company. 42.7% of people say they eat the candy corn from the white end first.

We too LOVE Halloween. Here are a few ideas to help limit the amount of candy consumed by your little monsters this season:

1.Feed your kiddos a warm and healthy dinner so that when they head out, they aren’t starving and eating oodles of candy along the way.
2.Store their candy out of sight, such as in a kitchen cupboard that only you can reach.
3.Limit candy to an agreed amount and time, such as with a glass of milk as an after-school snack, or for dessert after dinner.
4.Encourage your kiddos to not eat their candy before you inspect and sort their candy.

So from your Big Grins Family, don’t forget to brush your FANGS on Halloween night, otherwise, you’ll have werewolf breath! Happy haunting!