Preventing Gum Disease Can Keep Your Smile Healthy

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the process of tissue decay caused by unhealthy bacteria in your mouth. Preventing gum disease can keep your smile and your child’s smile healthy. Don’t let gum disease ruin your child’s oral health. As long as you take the necessary steps to fight it, gum disease can… Read more »

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are always inconvenient and always upsetting to everyone. To answer your question here on some quick tips to first aid for dental problems: 1. Stop the bleeding. Using firm pressure and a wet cloth, find where the bleeding in coming from. If it’s coming from soft tissue, is the cut deep enough to… Read more »

Avoid Cavities During the Holidays

As you probably know, the holiday season typically spans from Halloween to New Years. Typically, this season is a time of fun and family. During this season, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by more sweets than you normally are and let’s face it, this is a fun time of year! Pumpkin and spices fill the… Read more »

EEK! BOO! Halloween is Coming!

I have a hard time believing it is October! Summer flew by, and bam-Halloween decorations! I know my kiddos are most excited about which neighbors give out the best candy, which sibling gets their bucket the most full of candy, and the trading rules of good candy that need a lawyer to negotiate all the… Read more »

Missing School for Dental Appointments

As a working mother of two school-aged children, I juggle busy work schedules, school schedules, after school enrichment schedules, and sporting event schedules just to name a few of the things that fill up our monthly calendar. When my children have dental appointments, I understand that it is difficult to go pick up your child,… Read more »

A Feeling of Community

As the mornings get chilly, it seems Fall brings about a feeling of community for those around me. At least that’s the excuse I am using for getting “talked into” being secretary of the high school lacrosse boosters! From its inception, Big Grins has strived to be a community partner. In October, look for us… Read more »

Ditch the Flossing?

Every time we go to the dentist, we leave with a new toothbrush and a sample of floss approved by the American Dental Association, also known as the ADA. I know for myself, I always feel the need to floss really well the few weeks prior to my appointment, so I don’t hear, “everything looks… Read more »

A Heartfelt Thank You from Pathways Hospice

We just got a heartfelt thank you letter from Pathways Hospice for partnering with them for Camp Braveheart. They had a nice camp for their kids this year who have suffered a loss. Combined with our trip and donations to Guatemala, we are up to $31,000 in donations and charity events for the year! Like… Read more »

Guatemala Lessons

Last month my daughter, Grace who is 17, and I did a dental charity trip to Guatemala with Global Dental Relief. GDR is a homegrown charity out of Denver that arranges for dental groups to set up mobile clinics in Mexico, Nepal, Cambodia, and of course Guatemala. They take care of all lodging and even… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth

Well, my daughter Grace got her wisdom teeth out last week. I thought I would share my experience as a father rather than a dentist this time. You need an evaluation by an Oral Surgeon to determine the best time to remove wisdom teeth. The fact is, most all wisdom teeth need to come out… Read more »