April 2018 Mouth Guards

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April fools is a good way to start National Facial Protection Month if you don’t have a properly fitted mouthguard for sports.

Research has conclusively shown that a non-custom made mouthguard is no more protective than nothing at all. Still, the NCAA and high schools have yet to designate the type of mouthguard necessary to play impact sports.

That’s where your friendly pediatric dentist is here to help! While the American Dental Association recommends a mouthguard for all sports, I recommend them for impact sports such as hockey, lacrosse, football and definitely basketball. I have made them for wrestlers, cheer, and martial arts sports as well.

A custom mouthguard is like a very inexpensive orthodontic appliance; it needs an accurate dental impression to make and is fabricated on the same equipment at retainers. These mouthguards fit snugly and are comfortable, so your player can talk, drink, yell and ignore them during play. You have seen athletes on TV chewing theirs or dangling off their helmets; they don’t have the custom fit mouthguard your kid can get for $20-35 depending on the materials used. Why is that cost so low for a dentist-made, custom mouthguard? It is part of my fiendish plan for world domination! Actually, I keep the price just above the cost of materials and volunteer my time to trim and finish every guard because I want to educate parents and players. My wife complains that I won’t buy a shirt over $20 ‘cause that’s how much a shirt should cost. Most people have that same price point in their minds for a mouthguard, even a worthless one.

You could go to ADA.org and look up “Oral Health Topics” under “Science Research,” but my guess is you won’t and you don’t have to! Just call your favorite Fort Collins Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Greg of course. I have made HUNDREDS of mouthguards, on a state-of-the-art Drufomat Scanning Thermopressure machine, for CSU Lacrosse players, every high school, youth sports, braces kids, my niece in Ohio, and quite a few parents as well. I can make one for you! It doesn’t even have to be NFPM (National Facial Protection Month in case you forgot!). I love what I do, and I love helping you raise healthy and happy children. See you on the field, GO ‘BOS!

Greg Evans

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