January News

Happy New Year!  As the kids start back to a school routine of sorts, Big Grins is ready and waiting to reach your kids in a warm and positive environment!  We have expanded hours to Fridays, increased capacity for specialty appointments, and have upped our technology to better serve you. First and foremost:  We are very COVID safe for your... read more »

Letter To Our Patients

Dear Patient Families, As a periodic update, I wanted to let you know about new issues with the practice of dentistry in Larimer County.  As of yesterday, Larimer County entered back into a high-risk Covid-19 surveillance category based on a combination of new Covid-19 infections and hospital bed availability.  This is obviously not good news headed into the cold season.... read more »

Fall 2020

Fall! The crispness of the mornings, the glowing yellow leaves, the smell of fall candles burning in the house, and the start of hoodie season. While we continue to manage the “2020-ness” of the season we are in, I am thankful for the change in seasons for something to look forward to. Juggling work and childcare, managing virtual learning, fires,... read more »

Practice Update

We are now working SEVEN days a week! As we enter our fourth month with Dr. Rachel at Big Grins, I thought I would give you an update on how Big Grins is doing. In a word: COMFORTABLE! (And I mean that in the kindest possible way.) Comfortable in that we are into a COVID preparation and prevention routine that... read more »

Six Smile Safety Tips For Healthy Teeth and Gums This Summer

With summer in full swing, your family is likely busy with a new routine involving cookouts, sleepovers, camping, vacationing abroad, or even just hanging around the house and a staycation. What you’re likely not doing is getting the kids up for school and keeping to an established oral hygiene routine. No matter what your family is doing to enjoy the... read more »

First Month of Limited Reopening

Happy Monday, but more importantly, WABTW (We Are Back to Work)! It was wonderful being lumped in with nail salons and tattoo parlors in the eyes of the government of Colorado, but kids with accidents, cavities, and "What is that?” questions were building up. It was time! And it is nice to be needed. My staff and I reacquainted ourselves... read more »