Dear Santa,

I know I'm a little " long in the tooth" to be writing you, and my behavior is certainly up for debate, but I thought I would put in a word regarding my patients. I know you are busy, so bottom line, please no scooters! We had another kiddo in November fall from a wheeled demon device and actually break... read more »

Cancellation Notice Update

Oh my goodness, we are sliding into the holiday season!  At this time of year, it gets busy at Big Grins with coordination with school activities, end-of-year benefits and the extra time of coats and travel issues! As ever, we are so grateful for you choosing us to help you raise those kiddos! We are lately finding that, with everyone's... read more »

Tips To Help You Navigate the Candy Onslaught This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, which means your kids will soon be getting bags of candy from school, neighbors, the pumpkin patch…well just about everyone! And IT IS okay to enjoy candy at Halloween, the key is making sure you have a plan. Here are some helpful tips to navigate the Halloween candy onslaught and maybe even the upcoming... read more »

October is National Orthodontic Health Month!

October is finally here…or maybe you feel like it crept up on us. Either way, we have been back in school, readjusting to our new schedules and hopefully establishing some great oral health routines. Our focus this month is twofold: first, we are going to talk about orthodontic health (yay braces!) and then of course give some pointers on Halloween... read more »

Happy Getting Back to Normal Month!

Our daughter just moved back to Georgia to start her senior year of college, and our son started his "Blacksmithing Bachelor's degree" a couple of weeks ago. That's our new normal, so we will see how it goes. One topic that came up lately is the use of X-rays for diagnosing cavities we can't see in the mouth. Cigna insurance... read more »

Back to School Dental Checklist

Hooray, it’s time to head back to school! I am always excited for this time of year as it’s a great time to get your family back into a routine. Although this time can be hectic, going back to school is a good opportunity to re-evaluate your family’s habits and incorporate a good oral health routine. To help you prioritize... read more »

July Big Grins News Update – By Dr. Greg

What a great month!  For whatever reason, as I look back on my clinic time in July, I had a great time!  We saw many new faces and got to catch up with summer plans with a great bunch of teenagers.  Like I told a dad yesterday, what a rewarding job that I can treat 18-year-olds and three-year-olds in the... read more »

Opening the Big Grins Playroom!

At long last, Big Grins is getting back to a state of normal! Hugs and handshakes are back!  With over half our county population vaccinated, the CDC has relinquished the mask mandate for adults. Vaccinated adults need not wear them in our office. Unvaccinated adults are encouraged but not required to wear masks. Unvaccinated children will still wear masks in... read more »

Getting Back to Normal

April Showers bring… more vaccinations! More than a year has lapsed since our play room has closed. The fact that our play room is closed is the biggest bummer to our patients as they walk through it. BUT… we are excited for the increase in vaccinations that we are getting closer to our world “pre-COVID”. Larimer County is hoping for... read more »