A Heartfelt Thank You from Pathways Hospice

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We just got a heartfelt thank you letter from Pathways Hospice for partnering with them for Camp Braveheart. They had a nice camp for their kids this year who have suffered a loss. Combined with our trip and donations to Guatemala, we are up to $31,000 in donations and charity events for the year!

Like any small business in Fort Collins, Big Grins is called upon to contribute and participate in area causes and support our children. We want to think we are doing our part. Our staff too reaches out in their free time. The Cox family helped organize the Wellington Community Park grand opening, Jill and Jenna and Rebbie are heavily involved in church activities, and my arm was only twisted a little to become president of the board of Project Smile this August.

We may not have time or money for EVERY cause, but Fort Collins is our home and we do our part to make it the special place it is. Watch for the Ford family at the walk for Diabetes this year, and don’t forget to take your kids to Treats for Transylvannia to benefit Lee Martinnez Park and Farm in October! We love what we do and we love helping your raise healthy, happy kids!